Sunday, January 28, 2007

Zadar - Dalmatian Coast

Easter Morning. In drizzle, we went on from Nin to the larger town, Zadar. At this site,, click on "city tour" at the bottom menu. Very cosmopolitan.

From the traditional to the contemporary: here is an upscale urban and very contemporary family at the nearby city of Zadar, see Zadar, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, see legends, Zadar, built on the grounds of the old Roman forum. The cathedral is being repaired. For American Croatians interested in their history, see American Croatians.

Zadar has been proposed as a World Heritage site. See Zadar Proposed World Heritage.This family could be from any major urban area. There is ongoing reconstruction work. The city dates from the 9th Century BC - with layers of each cultural group's influence all around - Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, large areas of big walls. We may think of Croatia as distant, but it is just across the water from Venice. Upkeep ongoing.

There is a Christian Orthodox bishop here and a Roman Catholic bishop.

Croatian coats of arms are prominent in bookshops, displays, town information, and Wikipedia (always good for an orientation) does a good job in describing Zadar, and with a map, and including its coat of arms. See

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