Saturday, September 08, 2007

Croatia; and the Old Yugoslavia. History of Central Europe

Every so often, we come across a site to be passed on to you.

We think: Among the best history sites is at History of Central Europe at //
Scroll to the part especially about the relations between Croatia and Serbia. Roman Catholic v. Orthodox Christian; Roman alphabet v. Cyrillic, etc.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Attila and Istria

Istria and famous people. Istria is the peninsula on the northwestern part of the crescent that is Croatia, bordering Trieste, Italy; and Slovenia.

It appears that like Attila the Hun died in Istria. See

This is not Attila. If you thought it was, then you have been influenced by all the pro-Roman constructs that are part of our biased culture and have been for centuries.

This instead is Roman. The ruins of the Roman Empire are very much a part of Croatia (see the town of Split in particular here). Here, the Roman fellow registers frozen surprise at being caught corrupted and impermanent after all, and the empire toppled.

Attila probably was not the 100% barbaric villain we are taught - instead, read of his virtuous and admirable sides. Look, chew and decide before swallowing. See Bogomilia - A Site for the Unsung. He was a barbarian, originally meaning not a Greek, see

Read a contemporary account. Go slowly through this Medieval Sourcebook, Priscus at the Court of Attica, a report of Priscus' of meeting with Attila, and his court. Read it all. Especially paragraphs 5 and 6. Not bad. Priscus was a Goth historian. See