Sunday, February 24, 2013

One Cardinal in a Watering Trough. History in Art, Sculpture. Take Good Notes

Drowning priests. Why is the monster dragging him down?
Ask Daniel Widing, observer.
Can we find out?
Who knows RC hats?

From three coins in a fountain move to one cardinal in a watering trough.  Or does the hat on the religious one signify only priesthood? Either way, what is he doing there. Who is she? We know that is Dan Widing, of Car-Dan Tour Company, a happenstance passer-by, by the tree. He is somber. What is the tale?  Somber.

Or is this Llubjlana, or Kranj, Slovenia.  Our notes do not help. There is a serpent-monster pulling down the cleric. Dan and I speculated about this mystery scene at the time, then failed to fully identify it in our daily logs.  It haunts, particularly with current concerns with violations of the fiduciary duty of those in mainstream Western World's largest religious institution.

Slovenia emerged from notes location in Dan's log.
  • See issue update at Slovenia Road Ways, We had spent a few days in Slovenia, same trip, crossing the border from Croatia, and heading to Llubljana, Lake Bled, and Kranj.  The Diocese of Ljubljana Cathedral is there.  This appears to be indeed a modern reflection of an issue plaguing the church, as well as other aspects of Western culture. Other cultures? Beyond us.  Meanings of old words, the gravitas of them, have been lost from a clearer anti-abuse position, to merely "don't offend little children." Vet. See Plain Meaning Nemesis, Papal Retirement.  Why has this issue been shunted aside.

The process of travel without agendas, and how we learn our history, is the point here.

Go first, take the photos and keep the guidebooks, then learn details at home.  We never know what might be interesting, and current.

  • In researching this unfortunate fellow, we found someone named Cardinal Baggio who was drowned in Hollywood style, film Angels and Demons, in Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers in Rome, but that appears to be the stuff of fiction, not fact.  Film:  see  See biography of a real Cardinal Sebastiano Baggio at

We went to art sources:  look for our fountain at  .  No luck with a surface scroll-down, but there are many links.  Then, with further searching, and finding Dan's log, arrived at Slovenia.  See site. Sometimes the name is Franci Frantar. Or Franc Frantar for the transgressor, in the water.